Walvis Bay Waterfront Development – a new urban waterfront

Project Description

At the centre of the Walvis Bay Lagoon, the waterfront integrates into the site and provides scenic vistas of the surrounding world renowned lagoon and bird life.The proposal was developed through an analysis of the city’s history, structure, character, potentials and challenges in response to the area’s development as a new residential and commercial hub with functional marina.The design strategy and concept seeks to maintain Walvis Bays dominant maritime identity, while simultaneously strengthening the city’s character with various urban elements, such as hotels, restaurants, offices, amphitheatres, public squares and promenades. The core design was to create an “urban loop” in the form of a canal boulevard, strengthening the inner street and public spaces to those of the marina front itself. Pedestrians are invited to explore the variety of new recreational spaces, thus functioning as a natural extension of the city.

Project Details

Architect : Arc Cape Town
Location : Walvis Bay, Namibia
Size : 61 556m²

Project Gallery

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