University of Pretoria Engineering 3

Project Description

The lighting in the concourse was designed to support a human scale within a very high-ceiling space. This was done by highlighting specific architectural and design elements, as the curved ceiling outside a lecture hall, the lift lobbies and planters. Indirect lighting is used along the curved length of the concourse to create floating effects and lines. The general light is supplemented by in-ground LED up-lighters, and recessed LED strips set at different heights along the concourse walls. This serves to enhance illumination and subtle design elements.

The laboratories are lit during daytime by daylight, with louvered blinds allowing students to adjust the shading manually. Additional light is functional and supplied by either direct or indirect fluorescent luminaries, suspended across the ceiling.

To encourage communication between students, social spaces were created along the length of the concourse, walkways and the external balconies. Informal seating close to IT and electrical points allow for interaction, quiet spaces in a naturally lit public space or to work close to windows with views in and out of the building. Daylight has been used in the building and parkade, not only as a function of energy efficiency but also as a design element to good effect.

The low energy solution developed for the lecture halls employ linear fluorescent and surface mounted CFLs with recessed LED strips along the length of the staircases to provide a decorative safety feature. The lighting inside the lecture halls is DALI-controlled with a range of preset scene selections that allow lecturers adjustments in line with the requirements of a lecture. To maximize daylight harvesting, daylight sensors were employed to maintain the lighting at the specified level of 500LUX.


Project Details

Architect : arc Pretoria
Location : University of Pretoria campus, Hatfield, Pretoria
Size : 38 300m²

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