UP Aula

Project Description

The existing Aula building is of high heritage importance and consists of an auditorium with 1025 seats used for beginning of the year student gatherings, music and art performances as well as graduation ceremonies 4 times a year. The auditorium had a 250m² foyer which has been extended to a 1100m² foyer on multiple levels. Below the existing auditorium is a 750m² Rautenbach Hall. Such has been upgraded with HVAC [heating, ventilating and air-conditioning], ceilings and a grid system with removable panels overhead that enables the facility to be used for exams, dinner functions, art exhibitions, conferences, graduation photo ceremonies, etc. The ablution facility to such was also upgraded below the existing main stair leading to the upper auditorium. Provision has even been made inside the new foyer for a free standing piano to enhance the mood.
The building hosts a Tribeca coffee shop that can either function separate from the facility or be incorporated into the structure by opening sliding stacking glass doors on all facades. Further to that, mobile serving points are provided throughout the structure to supplement the new main serving counter (reinstated to its original shape) inside the existing foyer.

Project Details

Architect : arc Pretoria
Location : University of Pretoria campus, Hatfield, Pretoria
Size : 1 850m²

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