UP Amphitheater Enclosure

Project Description

The original heritage sensitive design entailed a focal stage with a detached semi-circular amphitheater. Unfortunately the 17m gap between the structures, posed a serious impediment to the functionality of the facility. Also challenging to the design process was the fact that virtually no structural information was available on the radial ribbed cantilever structure of both buildings. This necessitated the lightest structure possible and a hub and spoked rim solution was sought. As the amphitheatre entails only a quarter circle, compression members needed to be introduced to balance the tension structure consisting of cables and a tensile fabric covering. These elements were fixed to a inner and outer three dimensional triangular truss. The amphitheatre enclosure boasts theatrical lighting for top end productions.

Project Details

Architect : arc Pretoria
Location : University of Pretoria campus, Hatfield, Pretoria
Size :

Project Gallery

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