Rautenbach Hall

Project Description

This pristine hall serves as an extension to the Aula and is used for catered events, exhibitions and conference dinners. Art and student work displays usually form part of these events and the interior needed to be able to adapt to the different requirements. Movable hanging panel boards from the ceiling provide for this and without restricting movement within the hall . The wooden sprung floor boards dating back to 1965 and hailing from Japan were still in good condition but in need of intensive sanding down and treatment. Heritage principles were adhered to at all times and the hall now serves as a modern social space but with the original elements showing through behind glass panels and as false elevations. Refurbishments to the ablutions were also done. The original mosaic tiles still being part of the design and preserved to keep to the heritage requirements.

Project Details

Architect : arc Pretoria
Location : University of Pretoria

Project Gallery

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