Interiors for Altron Campus

Project Description

With Altron relocating to Woodlands Office Park, a turn-key internal fit-out solution was required. The design brief started with a workplace study, to ensure a space tailored for its people and enhanced high performance. Nine operating companies will be moving under one roof and a current floor space of 47 000m² will be reduced to 29 000m². The internal fit-out spans over eight buildings and will incorporate meeting and digital areas with personal interactive spaces. A ‘spine’ connects all buildings in a boulevard type environment to promote the culture of Altron. Meeting rooms and a mixture of seated and agile working areas in an open plan environment with minimal offices will support the new way of working. The design strives for a campus focusing on technology but with a human interactivity at all times.

Project Details

Architect : arc Pretoria
Location : Woodlands Office Park, Johannesburg

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