Project Description

The heart of the cut flower industry in South Africa. The existing facility needed to be increased by 25 000m² and the required to remain fully operational during the construction process of which arc Pretoria were the Project Managers. Being the distribution centre of cut flowers in South Africa ,some 5 000m² to 7 000m² of cut flowers move through an auction hall on a daily basis. This facility accommodates the cooled cut flowers, a flowing auction hall and distribution facility to bidders via direct bidding on local and international levels. It also finds its way through to agents whom have retail outlets on the premises and who are earmarked for the distribution. The retail component is alive with flower displays and other outlets. The combination of a highly sophisticated distribution network and retail component made for a complex design challenge. To enhance the symbolism of the core business, a three storey bloom feature welcomes visitors at the main entrance of the retail component.

Project Details

Architect : arc Pretoria
Location : City Deep, Johannesburg
Size : 55 000m²

Project Gallery

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